Royalties come in many types and can be fairly complex. However, generally speaking, when HITRECORD receives a royalty payment from a third party, it splits the money with the community members in that period’s Community Payment Final Proposal. For instance, in December 2017 HITRECORD paid out royalties for Tiny Book of Tiny Stories, Vol. 1, in the amount of $4,036.82, which is 50% of the $8,073.64 in royalty payments received from HarperCollins between 2015 and June 2017. See the Final Community Payment document for 2017 Q1+Q2 linked HERE.

We typically pay royalties once per year, depending on the number of royalties received from a third party. If a total payment is below our Monetization Policy threshold of $500, we may defer payment, as we did in the above example, until the payment surpasses the threshold.  

For more information on HITRECORD and Money, please watch THIS VIDEO.

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