The program is meant to amplify the voices, creativity and perspectives of members from our diverse community that come from historically marginalized backgrounds. This new program will be sustained on an ongoing basis, but will specifically (and most pressingly) commence with exclusive focus on the  Black community and the Black Lives Matter Movement. This ongoing program will focus on the most pressing social issues at hand, and will serve to amplify the voices, stories, perspectives, and artwork of marginalized communities and other global issues. We will continue to evolve and adapt this program to include more voices and perspectives over the next few months. 

While there are many ways we are planning for HITRECORD to become more a part of the change we want to see in the world, we think a powerful first step is providing tools within our own platform to ensure that Black voices, Black perspectives and Black art are seen and amplified. As with any new initiative, we will proceed with care and attention and listen to our community. As we learn, hopefully, the program will grow, and evolve to include more voices, perspectives, and causes over the coming months and years.