When uploading audio files to the site, .wav's are the best option - preferably the highest sample rate you’d like to provide them (48Khz is perfect, 44.1K is fine, 96K is awesome, but not really necessary). 24-bit is best, but 16 is fine, too.

.mp3’s are absolutely acceptable, and totally fine if that’s all you can provide... but please try to export them at the highest sample and bit rate available to you, as that can really make a difference in audio quality!

Whenever possible, please attach a Working File of your isolated stems so that others can more easily remix your audio contributions! For more information on what a Working File is and how to upload one, please CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions about audio uploading to the site, please reach out to us at support@hitrecord.org and we will get back to you as soon as possible.