Every HITRECORD project starts out with the following: 

  • Project page - a page that summarizes your overall goal with the project. 
  • Project steps - broken down tasks that allow the community to take part in the project.  These tasks are broken down by creative interests and can be sent through to members 
  • Project banner - Similar to the intro video, this is a good way to represent your project. It’ll be used to represent your project visually. If you don’t have an image in mind, you can use any images from the HITRECORD community. 
  • Intro video - The intro video is the best way to introduce the story behind you and your project. Provide tidbits like what inspired you to create your project and what your desired outcome is. No need to make it look professional. DIY often feels most authentic. (You can add the intro video in “Add to Details” on the Edit Project Page.