The amount of money that was allotted to each final asset was determined on a case-by-case basis. Some visual assets were smaller than others (for instance, an individual piece of graffiti was allocated less money than a complex mural). In addition, some pieces of music were more built-out than others (for instance, a full song received more money than a quick stinger).

The amounts for each asset delivered to Ubisoft Montpellier were agreed upon by the community during a two week long Payment Proposal feedback period. You can find the values the community agreed upon RIGHT HERE.

The Payment Proposal period was an open dialogue, and was important to HITRECORD and Ubisoft that everyone had a chance to be a part of it. As always, the process was open, transparent, public, and everyone had the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback along the way.

For more info on how community payments worked for this partnership, you can check out this video:

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