For this partnership with Ubisoft and BGE2, HITRECORD worked with community creators to produce some of the music and visuals that will be integrated into the vast world and universe of BGE2, amongst the ton of stuff Ubisoft’s team is creating for the game.

In total, the community created 18 songs, 20 Radio Cheeta stingers, and 50 pieces of visual art for this round of the community collaboration project.

To pay contributors for the final pieces that were delivered to the team at Ubisoft Montpellier, a line item of $50,000 was set aside from the total partnership budget.

In order to determine how much out of the $50,000 should be allocated to each of the assets, HITRECORD did some additional research and identified points of reference to help guide the proposed allocations.

This included discussing with the team at Ubisoft, contacting various artists, and doing benchmark analyses.

For more info on how community payments work for the BGE2 collaboration, watch the Payments Proposals Video here:

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