You most certainly can! 

To save an in-progress Record as a draft, follow the steps to upload a Record just like you normally would — however, when you wish to save your progress, click the "SAVE DRAFT" button (located at the bottom right of the page).

After you've created your drafted Record, it will appear in your user profile (and will clearly be labeled as a draft). This record will not be visible to the public until you publish it.

You can edit it at any point, and continue to keep it as a draft by clicking "SAVE DRAFT."

When you are ready to publish it, click on your drafted Record, click "EDIT," make any changes to your title, description, tags, and resources if you would like - then when your record is all ready to go, click the green "RELEASE RECORD" button.

If you have any questions on this process, please feel free to reach out to us at